about us

We are Cal’s own premier, on-campus creative agency. We are an ASUC-sponsored undergraduate organization with members who are passionate about design, strive to improve their skills, be inspired, and inspire others. We satisfy out members' cravings to design and the community's thirst for quality work by providing free or low-cost design, photography, and web services to fellow clubs. We are organized in small teams, with team leads who connect with clients and help you grow as an artist.

Here is where passion feeds creativity and creativity inspires innovative designs.

Innovative Design was founded at UC Berkeley in 2008 by Jeff Fan with the goal of inspiring students on campus to the amazing world of design. Since then, Innovative Design has expanded and changed to now include design, photography, and web services.

our values


We believe that learning is best done in tight-knit communities. We are a diverse space that is welcoming to all students.


We are always learning. We stay curious and aim to provide opportunities for all students to grow.


We stay driven to create learning spaces for each and every student that seeks to learn creative skills.

our team

meet our innod officers, team leads, and DeCal facilitators!

Cathy Zhang
"i am once again asking for your financial support"
Julian Meyn
"in my honk shoo honk shoo mimimimi era"
Ash Chang
VP of Administration
"lit B-)"
Cat Tang
VP of Finance
"talk to me about chairs"
Rachel Kim
VP of Client Services
"if you lose a cabbage maybe it doesn't exist"
Alexis Balashov
VP of Education Outreach
"be mischievous, but not devious"
Annie Zhang
VP of Education Outreach
"ok i pull up"
Uyen Phan
VP Education Coordinator
"forward and onword!!"
Amber Cheng
VP of External Relations
"do you wanna build a snowman?"
Julia An
VP of External Relations
"do you think God stays in heaven because he, too, lives in fear of what he's created here on earth?" - Spy Kids 2
Felix Fuentes
VP of Internal Relations
"lets go hiking in egypt, call it campanile"
Terrie Joo
VP of Internal Relations
"i am not in danger, i am the danger"
Erin McCann
VP of Marketing
"going off the rails"
Bonwoo Kuh
VP of Marketing
"i should be downtown whipping on the way to you"
Halley Chang
VP of Publicity
"live laugh ligma"
Hamid Habibi
VP of Recollections
"if you turned around and saw me I would die 🥰🥹"
Erin Rairdan
VP of Recollections
"in reality i'm 5'4, stand on my money now I'm 6'6"
Bella Kang
VP of Recollections
"innod has my 🦭 of approval"
Sean She
VP of Technology
"humble, funny, sexy, and cool"
Daniel Wang
VP of Technology
"time is infinite"
Jirachaya Kiriruangchai
Senior Advisor
"i love when i can see my bus waiting at a red light from the bus stop. come here babygirl"
Sarah Huang
Senior Advisor
"photography is my passion ;-;"
Chloe Dowling
Photographic Principles DeCal Facilitator
Violet Ross
Photographic Principles DeCal Facilitator
Sylvie Lam
Photographic Principles DeCal Facilitator
"slay or be slayed"
Jessica Hwang
Intro to Photoshop + Illustrator DeCal Facilitator
"stressed backwards is desserts"
Tracey Ley
Intro to Photoshop + Illustrator Decal Facilitator
"live laugh love"
Sofia Liashcheva
Intro to Photoshop + Illustrator DeCal Facilitator
Margaret Chiang
Graphic Design Principals DeCal Facilitator
Malia Nagashiki
Graphic Design Principals DeCal Facilitator
"certified kuromi stan <3"
Shannon Carlson
Photo Blue Lead
Matt Yu
Photo Gold Lead
Emily Huang
Design Beginner Lead
"pain is temporary, but drip is forever"
Evaline Jun
Web Beginner Lead