about us

We are Cal’s own premier, on-campus creative agency. We are an ASUC-sponsored undergraduate organization with members who are passionate about design, strive to improve their skills, be inspired, and inspire others. We satisfy out members' cravings to design and the community's thirst for quality work by providing free or low-cost design, photography, and web services to fellow clubs. We are organized in small teams, with team leads who connect with clients and help you grow as an artist.

Here is where passion feeds creativity and creativity inspires innovative designs.

Innovative Design was founded at UC Berkeley in 2008 by Jeff Fan with the goal of inspiring students on campus to the amazing world of design. Since then, Innovative Design has expanded and changed to now include design, photography, and web services.

our values


We believe that learning is best done in tight-knit communities. We are a diverse space that is welcoming to all students.


We are always learning. We stay curious and aim to provide opportunities for all students to grow.


We stay driven to create learning spaces for each and every student that seeks to learn creative skills.

our team

meet our innod officers, team leads, and DeCal facilitators!

"majestical marvelous magic moffitt"
Annie Zhang
"Just do it"
VP of Administration
"every day is a gift, that’s why they call it the present"
Benjamin Chang
VP of Finance
"Hay hay hay"
Michael Zhang
VP of Design Services
"i got bored one day and put everything on a bagel"
Yu Harishima
VP of Design Services
"it's always a nap time"
VP of Photo Services
"where my eaters at?"
VP of Education Outreach
"Don't get mad when they fake a smile. At least they're trying."
Rupinder Dhaliwal
VP of Education Coordinator
"treat others the way you want to be treated :)"
Claire Hsu
VP Education Coordinator
VP of External Relations
"every poo poo time is a pee pee time, but not every pee pee time is a poo poo time."
Saul Rios
VP of External Relations
"God gives his silliest battles to the most tragic of clowns"
VP of Internal Relations
"Friendly neighborhood cubing god"
Jun Wagner
VP of Internal Relations
"I love laying on the floor _(:3 」∠)_"
Trigger Nandhra
VP of Internal Relations
"There's no where I'd rather be than InnoD"
VP of Marketing
"are you http? bc without you i’m just ://"
Lucy Yang
VP of Marketing
"InnoD teaches me to be innovative."
VP of Publicity
"i’m just here for the vibes"
VP of Recollections
"I walk around like everything’s fine, but deep down, inside my shoe, my sock is sliding off.
— Anonymous"
VP of Recollections
"Could we leave the Christmas lights up 'til January...?"
Naomi Manuel
VP of Recollections
"idk what to put here..."
VP of Technology
"least intelligent lebron fan"
Justin Kim
Web Gold Team Lead
"Why did HTML hit on CSS?"
VP of Technology
"Because CSS was its style"
Halley Chang
Senior Advisor
"I love InnoD."
Rachel Kim
Senior Advisor
"InnoD is the greatest club!"
Daniel Wang
Design Beginner Lead
"that rug really tied the room together"
Design Illustration Lead
Rick Choi
Design Illustration Lead
““Life is unfair, then u die”
-my middle school bible teacher”
Design Gold Lead
"Sorry, I got lost in your collarbone."
Photo Gold Lead
"oh yeah woo yeah oh yeah woo yeah woo yeah oh yeah oh woo woo yeah woo yeah"
Sean She
Web Advisor
"Join InnoD!"
Photography Principles Decal Facilitator
"Despite the horrors there is always look at phone in bed"
Photography Principles Decal Facilitator
"professional travis scott skin fortnite player"
Michelle Tran
Photography Principles Decal Facilitator
"auto mode advocate 😋🍴"
Sofia Liashcheva
Graphic Design Principles Facilitator
"Why would I not want to be part of InnoD?"
Windy Luo
Graphic Design Principles Facilitator
"The bright moon is still the same, so there is no need for sadness"
Illustrator & Photoshop Decal Facilitator
"stream ‘grandfather please stand on the shoulders of my father while he’s deep sea fishing’ by lana del rey"
Patricia Suwardi
Illustrator & Photoshop Decal Facilitator
"wink wonk"